Computational Geometry

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This is the main page of a graduate level course (Msc and PhD) in computational geometry being taught in 2019/2 at the Polytechnic Institute IPRJ/UERJ. It is generally useful for programmers at the advanced level in the fields of machine learning, scientific simulations, graphics, computer vision and and multimedia programming.

Lecture Log

Wed 9Out19 (twice lecture load)

  • Hello world
    • for loop print 10x
  • Slides 1 Review C Fabbri
    • Variables, arrays/vectors
  • Farenheit to/from celcius program: homework

Wed 16Oct19

  • Show results of Farenheit to Celsius
  • Learn Codeblocks

Thu 17Oct19

  • Print function graph (K&R Histogram)
    • Horizontal
      • Learn how to write max function: non-recursive and recursive
      • Learn first simple sort algorithm using max

Wed 23Out19

  • Due: simple sort using max
  • bucket sort (class exercise). Due. (student juliana: done)

For Wed 30Out19

  • Overdue: Vertical Function graph (K&H Histogram)


Hello World

Celsius to/from Farenheit

Print Function graph (K&R Histogram): horizontally

  • Sub exercise: max function

Implement max function recursively

Sort using max function

Print Function graph (K&R Histogram): vertically

Bucket sort

General Info

  • Instructor: prof. Ricardo Fabbri, Ph.D. Brown University
  • Meeting times: Wednesdays 7:50-11:30, Thursdays 7:50-9:40, and 15:00-17:00, room 110.
  • Evaluation criteria: 1 quizz (30%), practical projects (70%).
  • Forum for file exchange and discussion: email and IRC #labmacambira