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** we could make it LabVis^3 to denote 3D slant? ;)
** we could make it LabVis^3 to denote 3D slant? Or LabVis^n Or LabVis^n

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This is the collaborative wiki of LabVis, the Visual computing research Lab at IPRJ/UERJ, also known as VisLab, Visualization Lab or Laboratorio de Visualizacao, lead by prof. Fabbri.


All new students must complete the following Newbie Guide Manual_do_novato. Most importantly, subscribe to all the mentioned mailing lists.



prof. Ricardo Fabbri, Ph.D. Brown University

  • Available hours 2020 September onwards:
    • wednesdays, thursdays: mostly available for meetings
    • fridays: available for on-line meetings before 10am.

Other Active Faculty

  • ```prof. Francisco Duarte Moura Neto, Ph.D. Berkeley (Mathematics / Nonlinear PDE's, advised by [Brian Di Perna]). ```
  • prof. Dr. Ivan Napoleao Bastos (corrosion processes and information theory for machine learning)
  • profa. Ursula Rohrer (all subjects)

Ph.D. Students

  • Cleuber Nascimento - Shape Signatures for Multiple View Reconstruction and Manifold Learning
  • Juliana Ventura - The Interface Between Algebraic Geometry, Differential Geometry and Dynamical Systems
  • Lucia Maria dos Santos Pinto (Alum) - Ph.D. Thesis became an upcoming Springer book "Diffusion maps: a barefoot approach"
  • Mauro Amorim (Alum, R.I.P.)

MSc. Students

```Research highlight by the NSF Mathematical Institutes```

  • Tadeu Lisboa (Alum)

Undergraduate Research Students

  • Geovane Pacheco
  • Marcos Oliveira Couto Filho
  • Plinio Feijo



  • Mailing list:
    • Subscribe to the mailing list by sending an email to
  • IRC #labmacambira at freenode
  • Phone Number at IPRJ (22)

Misc. Notes

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