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OpenMVG is a 3D reconstruction software focusing on automated techniques. This is used in AR and related technologies such as ARKit and Microsoft Hololens, and match-moving in video editing for inserting virtual content. It is also known as photogrammetry, structure from motion (SfM), 3D Computer Vision, and uses multiple view geometry heavily. In this wiki you will find community notes on OpenMVG, to complement the official docs.


Build Summary for Linux (24Oct19)

  • Install the required dependencies (see Please edit this wiki page if you had to install more things.
  • Checkout OpenMVG, and make it lowecase
   git clone --recursive    
  • Create a binary folder. I prefer the following setup: to have an openMVG-bin folder parallel to openmvg, outside the source
   mkdir openMVG-bin
   cd openMVG-bin
  • Configure and build
   cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RELEASE ../openMVG/src/
   cmake --build . --target install

Build for development with GCC and interactively

   CC=gcc-5 CXX=g++-5  ccmake../openMVG/src/

can try '--fast-math' optimization, gcc-5 is very good at that.

Build Summary for Mac (24Oct19)

Same as Linux currently works.

See Also

  • Colmap: shares similarities with OpenMVG's code, but improved by some of the most famous SfM researchers (Marc Pollefeys' student)