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VXL is a collection of C++ computer vision libraries (and python bindings) with contributions from Kitware, GE, Brown University, and others.

Git Repo

Folow the instructions at https://sourceforge.net/p/vxl/wiki/Git/


Apple OSX

There are a few bugs affecting compilaiton, see [1]

  • make -j9 is having a non-deterministic behavior - try running it a few times, but make -j5 sometimes works better as far as errors go. A plain make is always safer.
  • If you find the error related to ffmpeg, then I just left all FFMPEG-related entries in CMAKE blank. That removes support for video loading but thats about it.
  • A bug related to X11 means the headers from the wrong place are being used. I had to modify the cmake flag for x11 includes to point to /opt/local/include
  • A bug related to OpenGL acceleration in vgui/tests means this test is outdated and should be ignored. Comment out that file or the offending lines. Alternatively, you could point the OpenGL CMake variables to /opt/... since those opengl libs contain the desired symbols, but they're older.

Writing a program that uses VXL

A simple example using CMake is hello-vxl:

git clone ssh://SOURCEFORGE_LOGIN@labmacambira.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/labmacambira/hello-vxl

Read the README.


Site oficial http://vxl.sourceforge.net/