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VXL is a collection of C++ computer vision libraries (and python bindings) with contributions from Kitware, GE, Brown University, and others. This wiki page contains unofficial notes from some developers.

Git Repo

Folow the instructions at https://sourceforge.net/p/vxl/wiki/Git/


Apple OSX

There are a few bugs affecting compilation, see [1]

  • make -j9 is having a non-deterministic behavior - try running it a few times, but make -j5 sometimes works better as far as errors go. A plain make is always safer.
  • If you find an error related to ffmpeg, then I just left all FFMPEG-related entries in CMAKE blank. That removes support for video loading but thats about it.
  • A compilation error related to X11 means the headers from the wrong place are being used. I had to modify the cmake flag for x11 includes to point to /opt/local/include
  • A link time error related to OpenGL acceleration in vgui/tests means this test is outdated and should be ignored. Comment out that file or the offending lines. Alternatively, you could point the OpenGL CMake variables to /opt/... since those opengl libs contain the desired symbols, but they're older.
  • See also: General OSX-related development instructions

Writing a program that uses VXL

A simple example using CMake is hello-vxl:

git clone ssh://SOURCEFORGE_LOGIN@labmacambira.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/labmacambira/hello-vxl

Read the README.

Setting up VxL Programming environment at IPRJ

This is Ricardo Fabbri's recommended workflow for working with the official VXL plus an internal repo (here named LEMSVXL)

  • download vxl git
    • place it into folder vxlprg/vxl
  • we use LEMSVXL - an internal (closed) repo of vxl-based libs from Brown
    • download lemsvxl git
    • place it into folder vxlprg/lemsvxl
  • create build directories lemsvxl-bin and vxl-bin inside vxlprg
mkdir lemsvxl-bin vxlprg-bin


  • Enter vxl-bin
  • type
ccmake ../vxl
  • type 'c' for "configure"
  • at first BUILD_VGUI = OFF
  • CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE = Debug (for now)
  • type 'c' once more
  • inspect any CMAKE variables that might have changed (they have a star * attached to them)
  • type 'c' again until no new variables show up and config is right
  • once 'g' appears, press 'g' (generate)
  • press 'q'
  • type 'make -j9'
  • if there is any error:
    • retry with simply 'make'
    • test your build
      • go inside 'core' and type 'make'. See if there are any errors. If not, good.
      • go inside contrib/brl and type 'make'. See if there are any errors. If so,

you might not be able to build what you want from the internal lemsvxl repo. But keep going, at least core builds.

      • optionally if there are still errors just do 'make -j9 --keep-going' to

build as much as possible before moving on to your private lemsvxl repo

Compiling lemsvxl