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AA is *the* Ambiguous Acronym. AA is Algorithmic Autoregulation. AA is Audivisual Activism. AA is Audiovisual Algorithms.



AA is a system for cooperative work where each team member takes on an egalitarian role. Each member stays voluntarily logged in the system for part of his time (e.g., 2h/day) and microblogs periodical "tweets" about their activity, which are publicly aggregated and are validated by their own peers. Through AA, we have a methodology and an associated system to validate and enable the activities of a collective, and also to finance the expansions of the team's activity and activism efforts. The AA methodology is specially useful for coordinating distributed and decentralized teamwork.

Still not clear? Read a description in the form of an actual IRC dialogue about what is AA.

AA is Algorithmic Auto-regulation

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Main Repository:

git clone ssh://USERNAME@labmacambira.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/labmacambira/aa

Read-only version:

git clone git://labmacambira.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/labmacambira/aa

Server (Web aggregator)

There are a number of web-based server-side applications that are basically aggregators of AA logs, screencasts, and that perform log validation, custom searches and subscriptions, RSS feeds, and so on.

Paainel: an AA teamwork activity dashboard similar to iGoogle:


Simple PHP log aggregator:


Actual instances of these servers with the real-time activity of the Lab Macambira crew

pAAinel: http://hera.ethymos.com.br:1080/paainel/casca/
PHP: http://pulapirata.com/skills/aa
PHP: http://nightsc.com.br/aa2/

Other Places

Freshmeat/Freecode record for AA: http://freshmeat.net/projects/algorithmic-autoregulation

Ohloh page for AA: http://www.ohloh.net/p/labmacambira

Using AA



The traditional interface for the client AA is through bash. See the README file.

PyGTK / Application Indicators

A simple and useful GUI client frontend was also implemented. It is in the same repository as AA client. It has a nice GNOME and Unity toolbar integration (aa indicator) displaying timings about the session.


IRC, Jabber and other IM networks (Chats)


We hope to have a twitter client interface. Perhaps we'll first explore identi.ca, as it is likely to be more programmable. More details may be in blober's gsoc proposal:

See also

AA work group at Lab Macambira: GT-AA