Anderson Cordeiro GSoC 2013

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Why collaborate?

As a user, student and citizen (not necessarily in that order), collaborating and sharing knowledge is the best way to use computational knowledge that they are free to contribute to the development of society. For a few years we have seen our lives to be overrun by software and services that are simply pushed, not embedded and distributed for free. We paid for it. But that time is gone and some years there have the opportunity to participate in community with the improvement of services that we think essential. The community spirit is strong in Brazil but we need more than ever that our programmers, hackers, geeks, turn to free software, and it may in fact be something that, day after day, the world is changing.

On collaboration:


The application suite LibreOffice, in my view, has become essential for various government or business that were victims of years of expensive licenses, lack of adequate support as well as an accessible channel for suggestions and piracy. Also, I see LibreOffice as giving a fair opportunity for academics, entrepreneurs and anyone else to be served with an application for managing and editing their articles. The LibreOffice project has evolved considerably in recent times and there is still plenty to do. I hope to contribute, there is much to be done!

More on LibreOffice:



Configuring Linux (Ubuntu 13.04) for programming:

Getting the code

Step by step described here:

My patches

Sent to the LibreOffice community patch that fixes the flaws in the contour of the imported images from files .docx

More information can be seen on page bug:

This demonstrates that I can understand the code and collaborate with the community LibreOffice. Also, I fulfill the requirements for participation in GSoC 2013

about Me

An MSc student in Computational Modeling of the Polytechnic Institute of Rio de Janeiro (Uerj New Freiburg), Network Administrator for Linux office and programmer by nature. Father of Maria Flor, passionate about free software, programming, good music, and Flamengo.

Skills: Linux, C/C++, Pascal, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, SQL, Javascript, Python (starting) and what comes. The important thing is to have fun:)