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This page is about kernel development, specifically targeted at device drivers and real-time video and audio development, such as hacking and improving drivers for webcams, developing jack and syphon-like (video jack) functionality.

Newbie Info

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The two major books on linux driver development are fairly outdated and contain little information on video development. Therefore the main up-to-date resources you will find are online.

Device Drivers

General series on linux drivers:

Be sure to familiarize yourself with ioctl's.

Write and Submit your first Kernel Patch

<video allowfullscreen="true" size="full" position="right" frame="true" desc="Writing and submitting your first kernel patch" height="315" width="560" id="LLBrBBImJt4" type="youtube" />

Main points

  • Documentation/HOWTO has very good material [1]
  • The book Linux Kernel in a Nutshell is free and describes compiling the kernel etc.
  • Coding style: 8 space-tabs, K&R style
  • Scripts subdir: scripts to show maintainers, test style of a file, etc.

Video driver development resources

v4l2 is the current API.