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By approximation made by Vicky Sinclair, Peter Forrest and Graham Forrest started some conversations with for translation to pt-br of's online system and for bringing's software and systems to World Summit / Rio+20 with Vicky's presence for interlocution.

English Docs Translated to Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese

This spreadsheet was finished in 25/Out/2012:

   Extra Portuguese and Spanish translations required INCLUDING INTERESTED IN KEYWORDS

This is the spreadsheet finished on 30/Aug/2012:

   tgl English to Portuguese translation 23rd August 2012.ods

This two spreadsheets for feeding the software:

   tgl - translation master file for Portugese - Excel (3)_Spanish completed_Pt completed.xls
   tgl - translation join and emails - Spanish and Portuguese.xlsx


Documents related to its use: Use Policy.doc, ALSO IN: espanhol, AND portugues brasileiro Policy.doc, ALSO IN: espanhol, AND portugues brasileiro and Conditions for Members.doc, ALSO IN espanhol AND portugues brasileiro of use of the Website.doc, ALSO IN: espanhol AND portuges brasileiro.

Open Code

None. But Peter and Renato are talking about possibilities for this opening.

Groundbreaking lost and found (achados e perdidos derretidos)

ooo0o0o0 ----- O mecanismo se consome: ------ 0o0o0ooo

GPL -> código, right?

type(Createve Commons) -> mídia, right?

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY made by a surveyor (Sumário Contratual feito por um fiscal de leis, medidas e finanças) -> Planet Earth, ok?


EARTH SURVEY REPORT (Relatório Fiscal)

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