Estatistica Basica em Scilab Fisl2012

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This page contains material for the FISL 2012 workshop Estatistica Basica para Analise de Dados em Scilab, by professor Ariane Ferreira from IPRJ/UERJ.

This material is of general use for applications of statistics using free software. We will use the CASCI Toolbox for Scilab, by prof. Philippe Castagliola from Nantes University, France.


28 jul 2012 - Oficinas II room 614, 2pm. Maximum duration: 3h


  • Slides to Basics Statistics Introduction for Data Analysis [1]
  • Exercises: [2]
  • Data file: [3]



  • To introduce you to some useful functions for probability and statistics for data analysis in Scilab

Part I - Presentation

  • I will first give you an overview of the basic statistics through a presentation.

Part II - Hands-On

  • Installing and programming in Scilab
  • Exercises in Scilab using the toolbox CASCI
  • Conclusion

Further Resources