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Lab Macambira

Lab Macambira (or Macambira Lab) is a distributed collective for avanced free software (FLOSS) developent, founded by composers, architects, university researchers and ex-googlers. Its main areas of activity are Audio visual and Web. The present wiki is the main knowledge base for Lab Macambira; there is also a home page Web Site.

[Google Summer of Code 2013 - click here]

Mission and Objectives


To develop free software (FLOSS) prioritizing

key technologies for the community. To disseminate code production as cultural phenomena.

Core Members

Additional Key People


Projects and Activities

Table of our Contributions to External Free Software

  • Updated on October 2011
Application Commiters Attempting commit Oficially Accepted?
Mozilla Firefox daneoshiga, bzum daneoshiga
Evince (document viewer/pdf) hick209, bzum, marcicano mquasar hick209
BePDF, xpdf marcicano
Ekiga (videoconferencing) flecha
Empathy (videoconferencing) fefo
Lib Folks (Telepathy, videoconferencing) karmiac

Scilab (Matlab equivalent) v1z penalv v1z
VxL (video x libraries) v1z
ImageMagick (image processing) v1z
OpenOffice / LibreOffice
Pure Data Extended - Pd (real time programming) v1z v1z, automata, greenkobold, gilson, bzum v1z
puredata_opencv (OpenCV + Pd) v1z v1z, fefo, hick209 v1z
Gem - Graphics Environment for Multimedia v1z v1z, fefo, hick209 v1z
PDP - Pure Data Packet (image processing) v1z (mantenedor) v1z v1z
Chuck (timed multimedia programming) rfabbri automata, rfabbri rfabbri
Miniaudicle (live IDE for Chuck) rfabbri automata, rfabbri rfabbri
WebRTC (videoconferencing in the browser) automata
OSC-Web (bridge between the OSC protocol and the browser) automata, rfabbri automata
Web-PD-GUI (alternative GUI for WebPD)

Live-Processing (Processing for live coding)

Chuck-Wiimote (ChucK / Wiimote interface) automata automata
Audiolet (JavaScript audio library) automata automata
extempore (live coding environment) automata automata

Free Software Created by the Lab Macambira Crew


The following table lists free software created (fully or partially) by members of Lab Macambira at any point in their carreers. For a list of contributions to free software, besides just authorship, see the above table.

Partial list updated on November 13, 2011. See the remaining of our wiki for a more complete reference.

Application Description Creators Collaborators in the Lab Languages Notable users
AA Algorithmic Autoregulation (software methodology) greenkobold, automata, v1z, and more Todos
Python, PHP, and more Lab Macambira, Ethymos
Ágora Communs system for online deliberations greekobold and others GT-Web PHP > 80 countries; UN
SIP Scilab Image Processing toolbox v1z fefo, hick209, penalv C, Scilab Classrooms (USP, USA), Sharp labs, academia
animal An Imaging Library v1z hick209, fefo, penalv C Scan Tailor and Doctorate projects at USP
TeDi Test Framework for Distance Transform Algorithms v1z
C, shell, Scilab Academia
Macambot Multi-use irc bot automata DaneoShiga and more Python Lab Macambira
Conferência Permanente Platform for the Permanent Conference of the Rights of Minors red and green kobold Larissa PHP, Javascript

Lab Macambira, Casa dos Meninos, CMDCA-SP, FUMCAD-SP

Centro de prestação de contas
Center for accounting of the culture NGOs
Thiago Moraes, Daniel
mquasar e andresmrm
Python and WEB
Teia Casa de Criação
Timeline Interactive timelines on the Web kamiarc kamiarc, automata Javascript, outros
Transparencia Hacker
Interactive marking for online photos
Javascript, HTML5 e CSS3
Transparencia Hacker
ABT - A Beat Tracker Pogram for real-time execution and rythmic analysis rgkttm rgkttm, automata Python Gilson Beck, Bernardo de Barros (wrote a program insipred on ABT)
EKP- Emotional Kernel Panic Using the kernel state and OS for the synthesis of musical material rgkttm rgkttm, automata Python, Chuck Ricardo Brazileiro and others.
SOS - Sabedoria Olha Saúde (Knowledge, Look! Health) System for the aggregation and difusion of popular and native knowledge about health rgkttm GT-Web Python/Django Culture NGOs and the wider population
Economia Criativa (creative economy) Platform for creative, colaborative, and solidary economy of the culture hubs (pontos) and cultural entities rgkttm GT-Web Python/Django Culture Hubs (pontos) of Sao Paulo and other colectives
Bot IRC multi-uso
Lab Macambira
Integração OpenID
Adaptations to existing software for unified login through OpenID
PHP e outros
Dashboard for the real-time visualization of Lab Macambira activity
rgkttm, automata, mquasar
Lab Macambira
Collection of scripts to be used as reference, which aims to be a GIS platform to map public data of use to citizens and prefectures
rgkttm e GT-Web
Ethymos, municipalities
AirHackTable Software for an instrument which generates sound from flying origami tracked by webcams v1z, greenkobold, fefo, hick209, e diversos outros GT-Video Pd, C/C++, Scilab Pd itself through Gem, Festival Contato

Incomplete or experimental projects

Work Groups

Google Summer of Code 2012

Take a look at our Ideas Page for good ways to contribute, even outside GSoC.



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